What will you do ?

Hi, my faithful reader ! What is your plan today? Do you have any plan today?. To do something smoothly, we must plan it carefully. In this post, I will tell you about my conversation with my friends last afternoon after school. This conversation is talking about our each activity plan to fulfill the holiday time. So, read this interested conversation until finish !
Niko : "Hi, Toga ! Hi, Farros !" Toga : "Hi, Niko ! How is your day ?" Niko : "Good. It's just that I'm a little busy." Farros : "Same like me. I have many task to do and I have to study for the next exam. Arggh. what a tiring day." Toga : "Yeah, we all have to study hard to prepare for the exam." Niko : "But you know, soon there will be a long holiday. So don't worry, you can free yourself after a long study during the holiday." Farros : "Hah, is that right ? Hooray!" Toga : "What will you do in the next holiday ?"
Niko : "I …

Losing My Phone

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.
Hi ! My faithful reader. At this moment, I would like to tell you a story about one of my bad experience while losing my phone when I was elementary school's student. So read this story until finish !
One day, I woke up at 05.00 am. Then, I took a bath and wore my uniform. At 05.30 am, I breakfasted with all my family in the dinner room. At 06.30 am, I went to the school with my father because the gate will be closed at 07.30 am. After arrived at school, I studied like usual. All of my usual activity running smoothly until break time.

While break time, my friends and me were approving to play hide and seek. My friend, Gilang will be the seeker. My other friends, such as Fajar, Fano, Julivan, Kevin, and Awfa and me will hiding. Fajar and Kevin hid in the canteen, Fano and Awfa hid in the classroom, and Julivan and me hid in the greenhouse. After Gilang finished counting, he started to search us. First, he searched to the park near the seeker base. Bec…

Hello Stranger

Hello! Stranger
Hi ! My faithful reader. Today, I will tell you my experience when I talked with a stranger who named Fauzan Widiarga. I named this conversation "Hello! Stranger" because I said "Hello!" when I met this stranger. So read this story until finish!
One day in the morning. I woke up earlier than usual because on that day I would go vacation to Maldives as a reward because I got the first rank in my school. I went to the airport at 06.30 am because the airplane would depart at 07.30 am. Finally after passed the tiring trip, I arrived at Maldives airport at 10.30 am.
In the Maldives airport, I met a pitiful people, because I am a kindhearted people so I asked him what was the problem.
Me : "Hello buddy ! You look so confused. What's happen ?"
Stranger : "I lost my backpack. My money and all my stuff is in there !"
Me : "Don't be panic. Let's find it together !"
Stranger : "Oh thank you very much. You are so kind.&qu…

All About Me

Farros Nabil Fadlurrahman

Hi! My name is Farros Nabil Fadlurrahman. You can call me Farros. I was born in Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat on 29 Mei 2003. So, I am fourteen years old now. I live in Bandung at De Green Grande Residence B7, Ciwastra, Jawa Barat with my parents and my two sisters. It's not a luxury or swank house anyway but very comfortable for me and my family. The location of my house is beside a mosque. My hobby is reading the book and playing football. My favorite colour is blue sky. My favorite food is rendang and my favorite beverage is avocado juice. Because rendang is delicious food in the world and avocado juice contains unsaturated fat what very beneficial for health.

You of course wondering how can I live in Bandung now. Though Bukittinggi is my born place, I just lived in Bukittinggi for three year until My Father's work office moved to Palembang in 2006. In this city, my young sister was born. In this city I also studied in a school for the first time. …